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Most problems turn out to be software related. Often these are caused when "unfriendly" software is installed and then removed. It can be caused by having the wrong or incompatible driver or software for your system. It is often the case that PC's are sold with Beta or unfinished software leading to incompatibilities within the PC system. This leads to systems "crashing" and losing information. If you contract a computer virus this can also cause havoc and produce the symptoms of a system that needs repair.

Solutions to Hardware problems
Some PC components wear out with use and over time and simply need to be replaced. Any devices such as printers, scanners or cameras that need to be plugged into a PC can fail to work correctly for many reasons. Is the PC faulty, is the cable faulty, is the power supply faulty, is the device faulty, is the Software installed correctly, do I have a virus?
We at ACRC use many different techniques to diagnose and troubleshoot difficult systems. If a part or component of your PC needs to be replaced, we will provide impartial advice on what we believe to be your best option to continue working with your system. We can often fix or if not, source and install an alternative component.
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Fast affordable repairs throughout the Northwest including Crosby, Formby, Southport, Hightown, Thornton, Lydiate, Birkdale, Ormskirk, Bootle, Litherland, Aintree, Maghull to name but a few!