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Will I get an unexpected bill?
In the unlikely event of you requiring replacement hardware, we will always ask your permission first. Being a Repair Centre we will always try to repair rather than replace a part and in some instances we may have a 2nd user alternative. If we have to quote for a new part we will endeavour to remain as competitive as possible without compromising on quality. 

Can you come to my Home or Business?
Yes, we have Qualified Engineers available from Monday to Friday. 

No appointment is necessary for drop in repairs/services or general enquiries.

How long will repairs take?
If a repair or service is not complete whilst you wait we advise that the expected time for completion is 1-2 days (unless we are waiting for a none stock part). We are extremely conscious of downtime & the fact that most people whether they use their computer at home or at work cannot live without them, for this reason we treat every machine as priority and have strict Service Delivery guidelines which we strive to meet in order to cause as little inconvenience as possible. 

Is the work guaranteed?
All software repairs are guaranteed for 30 days from the date of completion with the exception of Viruses & other internet related programs due to our inability to monitor each person & how they manage their internet use following the return of the pc. If we repair a machine which has been infected, we will always advise our customer as to the best way to minimise the possibility of a recurrence.

What about my files & photo's will they be saved?
We specialise in repairing operating systems, however in the event of a PC requiring a clean install we always save any data regardless of its content, this is stored in folder which is located on the desktop called "Back Up" .

What happens if you can't fix my PC on site?
Its is our priority to complete all work on site within the hour allocated, this is great for you the customer & us as we don't use up another appointment slot returning the machine however, we ask all customers to be prepared just incase the machine needs to come back to the Repair Centre, in such cases we aim to return the machine the next working day following completion. On return your system will be plugged in & seen working, our engineer will complete a post return check list which you will sign only if you are satisfied that the work has been completed to your satisfaction.

What happens if my PC is reinstalled?
Its is a last resort for us to have to reinstall a system, this is an easy job for us to do apart from the tricky task of completing updates & searching for drivers. A reinstall can be inconvenient for you the customer as a great deal of people purchased their PC with lots of software installed like word & excel. All software previously on a system that has been reinstalled will have to be loaded back on & in many cases people find they no longer have the disk or indeed never had the disk in the 1st place. AA Computer Repair Centre has to work within copyright laws and so cannot supply you with pirate software, however there are lots of "Freeware" programs on the Internet like "Open Office" which can be found & downloaded at www.openoffice.org free of charge this is a great program which reads & writes like a regular office suite.

My PC was damaged accidentally do you do insurance repairs?
Yes we will always quote for genuine insurance repairs for a fee of £29 
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