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“A lifeline for your business"

As a Microsoft Small Business Specialist, ACRC offer a premier IT Support service designed with small to medium businesses in mind. Our specifically tailored advice, consultancy and support are of the highest professional standard and guaranteed to give you some of the advantages usually only available to much larger companies.

We aim to provide our clients with a workable IT system which not only matches their specific criteria but is also flexible enough to allow for expansion. Investing in an IT system is less about the product and more about finding the right solution to help your business develop.

Why Outsource?
For small businesses, the cost of maintaining an IT department can rarely be justified. However, as a small business, ACRC understand that IT plays an important role; allowing you to work more effectively.

According to a recent DTI survey, more than 90% of UK businesses now send email, browse the Internet and have a company website but how many of these have considered what would happen if things went wrong and there was no backup in place?

As a small business, many cannot afford the time and resources necessary to fix problems themselves and, since IT Support is essential for any company wanting to succeed, the solution for many is outsourcing. In fact, 47% of businesses now opt for an outsourced IT department.

An outsourced IT department has many benefits:

  1. BulletAvoids the cost of a permanent IT specialist.

  2. BulletReduces overheads - you only pay for services you need.

  3. BulletNo loss of productivity or downtime due to staff holiday, absence etc.

  4. BulletThere are always a number of experts available to assist.

  5. BulletOur bank of qualified engineers, each with different up to date specialist qualification, means that you can be assured that we have the expertise necessary to resolve your particular problem

Customer Service
At ACRC, we believe in putting the customer first and are committed to always offering exceptional customer service. Our IT solutions are selected solely for the benefit of our customers; we have no affiliation to one particular brand – we choose the product that will best suit your requirements.

We employ a proactive approach to IT Support - we aim to identify problems before they impact on your business.

As part of our goal to provide our customers with a friendly, personal service, a dedicated technical manager and two technicians will be allocated to you. They will be responsible for maintaining your IT system and the same engineer who conducts your audit will also be available to answer any queries you may have.

What IT Support Do You Offer?
We have 3 key areas of support:

1. Telephone Support
Our team of skilled engineers are available to provide you with intelligent advice. Your call will be answered by a support team operator, each equipped with the necessary experience and knowledge to resolve any problems or issues: 

  1. BulletTelephone Support is included in all our contracts

  2. BulletWe aim to help resolve any problems encountered quickly and efficiently

  3. BulletWe provide straightforward guidance to help you resolve issues yourself so that, in the event they reoccur, you are able to resolve them in-house

  4. BulletWe are committed to finding a quick yet comprehensive solution – “Your problem is our problem”.

  5. BulletWe can liaise with the manufacturer and service provider on your behalf to get the desired result.

  6. BulletFixed monthly fee – call as many times as you like at no extra cost.

Our helpdesk means that you and your staff can guarantee that there will always be someone to call should you experience user issues with your IT system. We have also invested in the latest helpdesk software; the support ticketing system notifies the client automatically, providing up to the minute status reports and ensuring better communication.

2. Remote Support
Thanks to a small piece of software which takes only 10 minutes to install, ACRC’s team of engineers are able to see exactly what you see on your monitor. We can access and monitor any PC, laptop, server or workstation provided that you have an Internet connection, enabling us to not only control your PC etc.,  but fix problems without having to either involve your staff or visit your office.

Advanced Monitoring
We have also invested in an advanced monitoring system, alerting us to any problem as it occurs so that we can resolve problems before they have chance to impact on your business. In many cases, we have found that we have resolved issues even before the client has become aware of them!

Proactive monitoring leads to rapid response and less disruption to your business.

3. On-Site Support
In the event that telephone or remote troubleshooting fails or you require network administration, installation or configuration, we will send a qualified engineer to your office within the time period specified under the Service Level Agreement (SLA); usually the same day within 2-8 hours: 

  1. BulletThe engineer will be fully conversant with your system and business working environment and will act swiftly to resolve the issue, minimising downtime and avoiding disruption.

  2. BulletWe believe in allocating the right specialist for the job

  3. BulletOur engineers routinely carry out a variety of services from work station installations to server upgrades and network infrastructure overhauls.

  4. BulletAll of our engineers are courteous and conscientious and, if they are doing their job properly, you will hardly notice that they are there!

  5. BulletIf necessary, we will attend at weekends – our commitment to first class service means that we will always go the extra mile.

If you would like to find out how ACRC can help your company with their IT Support, please call us FREE on 0800 043 2524 or click here to contact us via e-mail.

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